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Q1. What amenities are included in the rental?

Air Conditioning, BBQ Utensils and Grill, Bed Linens, Kitchen Appliances, Bathroom Essentials, Wi-Fi, parking, and Fire Pits. For more info about the amenities you can see the detailed list in the listings. 

Typical check-in time is 4:00PM (flexible) and typical check-out time is 11:00AM. To enhance your stay you may request for early check-in and late check-out, subject to availability and fees may apply.

None. You may stay overnight at our properties.

You can see the detailed cancellation policy here

Pet fee is $90, only allowed for Treetopia & Starlite. Please be aware that you can only bring one pet with you.

Our properties are exclusively for adults. Children are not permitted; however, you may email us if you wish to bring infants.

Explore the area for more details you may check our guidebook.

You can see the detailed house rules here.

A number will be provided once you check-in in our properties. We prefer you contact and call us for concerns so we can help you and make it right for you. 

At our property covers 70-acre, you'll find our 3 charming units spaced out just right, about 250 feet apart. Surrounded by nature's embrace (trees), with curtains covering every window, and with their own little fence, each unit is like its own cozy hideaway. You can dance around in your pajamas (or without!) with peace of mind, soaking in the tranquility and freedom to explore to your heart's content!


Domance Glamping

2118 VZ County Rd 3816, Wills Point, TX.

We have Wi-Fi provided. We also have a desk / dedicated workspace for those working remotely. 

Please bring your own Food and drinks (the nearest store is 8 mins away). All units have kitchen essentials, cook tops, bbq grill, etc. You may also visit some restaurants nearby for more details you may check our guidebook

Our property welcomes guests year-round, offering a diverse array of experiences with each changing season. Each cabin is equipped with a heating & AC unit, ensuring comfortable stays regardless of the weather. From vibrant springs to sunny summers, colorful falls, and cozy winters, there's always something special to enjoy in every season, ensuring a memorable stay for all our guests.

You can book 3 months in advance. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive early access to future sales events and offers.

Depending on the size of your group and what you are looking for. 

StarLite: Has a second level patio and a plunge pool, sleeps 2 adults only

TreeTopia: Has a HotTub and a swing near the fire pit,sleeps 2 adults only

HoneyHive: Our famous unit! It is a cabin, has a newly built stage for your small wedding or intimate celebrations,and has a unique design‍ which everyone loves,sleeps 2 adults only

Since this is GLAMPING, it's worth mentioning that you might come across bugs such as WASPS and wildlife during your stay. While the dome is designed to keep you snug, venturing outside could mean encountering nature up close – from fascinating creatures to crawlers and flyers (and on lucky occasions, distant howls). Your adventure might just come with a touch of the wild!

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